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Gary Bowman: Links

Gary Bowman's Song of the Rivers
Join Gary on this wild and adventurous musical journey along America's great rivers, from the Alaskan fjords to Lewis and Clark's Missouri, Mark Twain's Mississippi, Pete Seeger's Hudson, and on the Amazon's River of Doubt. Gary's 7th CD, released in 2014.
Gary Bowman's Song of the Universe
Gary Bowman's Song of the Universe is a collection of original songs celebrating our amazing universe, inspired by generations of sci-fi writers, including H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, C.S. Lewis and Ray Bradbury
Gary Bowman's Song of the Birds
'Song of the Birds' is a collection of original songs celebrating the flighty, magnificent world of our fine-feathered friends! Includes 'Wave of Sound', 'Don't Do What the Dodo Did', 'Oil and Water Don't Mix', 'Rappin' Raptor' and 'Papa Penguin.' Check out the site to listen to the songs, look at the pics, and read the artists' bios.
Gary Bowman's Song of the Dinosaurs
'Song of the Dinosaurs' is a collection of original songs celebrating the fearfully awesome world of dinosaurs, inspired by the writings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, H.G. Wells, Ray Bradbury, Albert Schweitzer, Dr. Seuss, Alfred Lord Tennyson and St. Francis
Gary Bowman's Song of the Bugs
"Song of the Bugs" is a collection of original songs celebrating the amazing world of our six-legged friends, set to Classic Rock, Bluegrass, Folk, Pop and Country music, inspired by the writings of Shakespeare, Thoreau, Aesop, King Solomon, Robert Frost and Bill Martin, Jr. The project features a creative team of 20 talented friends, and features fan favorites: "Honey Bee Waggle", "Metamorphosis", "Dragonfly Dreams", "Dung Beetle Blues", "City Bug, Country Lights", and "Luna Moth Lullaby."
Gary Bowman's Song of the Oceans
'Song of the Oceans' is a collection of original songs celebrating the Oceans, set to Surf Rock, Folk, Blues, Bluegrass, Reggae, Swing and Gospel, inspired by the writings of Rachel Carson, Jacques Cousteau, Henry David Thoreau, John Steinbeck, Doc Ricketts, Ernest Hemingway, Homer and King David
Utah Phillips
Bruce Utah Phillips, a legendary folk singer and story teller, shared his voice (and wisdom) ''Talkin' Critter Blues.' Utah passed away in Nevada City on May 23, 2008. While he is greatly missed, his dream of providing a homeless shelter for the folks of Nevada County lives on (See 'Hospitality House')
Hospitality House of Western Nevada County
Hospitality House is a new non-profit program in Nevada County servicing the homeless, working incollaboration with our local churches and other service organizations.
Lyndsey Barrett
Inspirational site for singer/songwriter Lyndsey Barrett. Lyndsey sings of God's healing power, and writes: "There's nothing lost that can't be found, nothing too broken that it can't be fixed."
Anna Campbell
Anna is a featured artist on the Good Shepherd's Studio website. On "Song of the Animals," Anna's great voice can be heard on "Who's Watching Who?" and "Living in the Garden."
Denny Russell Music
The Denny Russell Band plays original country rock, featuring songs about 'life, love, and everything in-between.' Denny's harmony and lead vocals (verse 2) can be heard on 'Noah Saved All the Animals.'
The Nature Conservancy
The Nature Conservancy is the leading conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people.
June Marie's Gifts
June Marie's has been in the retail business for over 30 years, serving the Round Valley community of rural northern California. June Marie's is the place to shop for western and casual clothing, shoes and boots, scenic photos, maps, books, cards and souvenirs.
B.O.N.E.S. - Better Options for Neglected Strays
"BONES: Better Options for Neglected Strays." The Bones rescue group was formed to serve the needs of homeless, neglected, and abused animals in the Round Valley, CA area. Their goal is "to rescue, rehabilitate, and place these animals into loving homes."
Folsom Zoo Sanctuary
Since 1963, this small unique California zoo has been providing sanctuary to some very special animals. All are non-releasable. Many were raised, and rejected, as wild pets. Others were injured or orphaned in the wild. All have names and personalities, and their individual stories are posted at the exhibits, along with factual, up-to-date information about their species.The distinctive educational focus of the zoo promotes responsible and appropriate behavior toward all animals.
Areté Design Studio - Lyndsey Barrett
'Areté (Greek): excellence, quality, virtue.' Lyndsey Barrett, the owner of Areté Design Studio, designed the cover jacket for 'Song of the Animals.' Lyndsey's sweet alto voice is also featured on many of the project's songs, including: 'Jingle Zoo Rock', 'Talkin' Critter Blues', 'You Make a Monkey Out of Me', 'Who's Watching Who?', 'Noah Saved All the Animals', and 'Living in the Garden.'
Mike Askew
Mike is an experienced and gifted musician. On 'Song of the Animals,' Mike co-arranged 'It's a Zoo Around Here (But It's a Jungle Out There), and plays electric lead guitar on 'Cry of the Wild.'
Elderly Instruments
Elderly Instruments, based in Lansing, Michigan, is a walk-in music shop that specializes in fretted instruments: "a real store with real people." (I am a long-time, satisfied customer of Elderly Instruments, a great source of stringed instruments, accessories, books, CDs and instrument parts)
Frank Maranzino
Frank Maranzino is a twenty year veteran of the Audio Industry. His experience includes the famed Skywalker Sound, Sony Music, Warner Brothers Music, Air1/KLove, as well as many other organizations. Audio Engineering credits include Kenny G, Mariah Carey, Josh Groban, Jessica Simpson, David Foster, Gary Bowman, Polar Express, Jurassic Park III, Aaron King & the Imperials and more.
Effie Yeaw Nature Center
The Effie Yeaw Nature Center, located within the beautiful American River Parkway in Carmichael, California, is an award-winning environmental and cultural education center, and features a replica of a Maidu Indian summer village.
Sacramento Zoo
Open since 1927, the Sacramento Zoo is home to over 140 native, exotic and endangered species and is one of over 200 accredited institutions of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The Zoo is wholly managed by the non-profit Sacramento Zoological Society and provides an educational and recreational resource to the Sacramento Region.
Flying Whale Recording
Bruce Wheelock is the owner/engineer of Flying Whale Recording. On 'Song of the Animals', Bruce recorded and mixed 'Talkin' Critter Blues', 'You Make a Monkey Out of Me', 'Three-Legged Cat (Misfit Zoo)', and 'Cry of the Wild.'
Mikail Graham provides information about Mikail's studio clients, music, films & sound design, as well as his radio show 'The Other Side.' Mikail provided his expertise to the final mastering of 'Song of the Animals.'