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Gary Bowman: Music

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(All songs © Gary Bowman, 2008)

String Fling 2016

Everything Flows

(Gary Bowman and Lyndsey Barrett)

Lewis and Clark

Steamboat Comin' (Hey, Mark Twain!)

(Gary Bowman w/Anna Campbell & Dave Baker)

River of Doubt

River's Dance (Ode to the Yuba)

Red Carpet Party on Planet Mars


(Gary Bowman and Anna Campbell)

Traveling at the Speed of Light

Black Cat Silhouette

Dizzy Dance

Wave of Sound

Don't Do What the Dodo Did

(Gary Bowman w/Jan Jablecki)
February 21, 2016

Freedom's Flight

Rappin' Raptor

Papa Penguin

Dancing with the Dinosaurs

Time Machine

T-Rex Blues

The Great Extra-Terrestrial Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction Event

(Gary Bowman)
February 21, 2016

Honey Bee Waggle

(Gary Bowman and Taylor Correll)

Ladybug Sonnet

Dung Beetle Blues

Tide Pool Stomp

(Gary Bowman and Anna Campbell)

Plastic Island

(Gary Bowman w/Lyndsey Barrett)
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