Welcome to the website for "Song of the Animals." "Song of the Animals" is a collection of original songs celebrating the animal kingdom, set to Classic Rock, Pop, Folk, Bluegrass, Reggae and Gospel, influenced by the words and writings of Gandhi, Chief Seattle, John Muir and Moses, and the lyricism of poets Robert Frost and Bill Martin, Jr. An incredible group of singers, musicians, artists and engineers have joined me in this project. To each of them I am deeply grateful. To you, my friend, I extend a heartfelt thank you for visiting, and invite you to check out the bios, photos and lyrics, while listening to the tunes (just 'click' on Music)...and, please, sign in the Guestbook! If you would like to purchase a copy of the CD for yourself or a friend, just go to the "Buy" page, and click on "CD Baby". Know that a portion of every purchase supports a worthwhile conservation and/or humanitarian effort. Peace, Gary