Gary is a zookeeper, teacher, musician and songwriter. He resides with his family in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California. In addition to writing and arranging "Song of the Animals," Gary sings, and plays acoustic and electric guitars, 5-string banjos, mandolin, electric bass, harmonica and percussion on the project. Gary is currently working on a new CD collection of original songs, called "Song of the Oceans" (scheduled release in January, 2009).

Lyndsey Barrett

Lyndsey has a passion for creatively communicating through the arts. A singer, songwriter and freelance graphic designer, she gratefully enjoys the opportunity each day brings to develop herself as an artist. Lyndsey was happy to partner with Gary on this project and support his vision (and obvious passion!) for music and wildlife and creation. Lyndsey lives in Northern California with her husband, David, and their oh-so-macho Chihuahua, Pedro.

Scott Wilson

Lifelong drummer, Scott "DrummyX" Wilson loves music and the creative people that come with it. A Northern California father, teacher, & skier, he enjoys the opportunity to create music in the studio as well as on stage. Producer of a variety of albums and artists the past 15 years, Scott continues to look for the right stuff when it come to music. "Gary's musical concept was a perfect opportunity to mix many styles of music for a common good - the animals!"

U. Utah Phillips

Bruce Utah Phillips, a legendary folk singer and story teller, shared his voice (and wisdom) ''Talkin' Critter Blues.' Utah passed away in Nevada City on May 23, 2008. He is greatly missed, though his dream of providing shelter for homeless folks in Nevada County lives on.

Frank Maranzino

Frank is a producer, engineer and musician living in California's Sierra foothills. Currently, Frank is studio engineer for the K-LOVE and Air 1 Radio Networks. Frank is involved with several projects, including playing keyboards with Nevada County's "Mystafya" and the Sammie award-winning group, "Aaron King and the Imperials." Frank also sings and plays bass with the Sacramento-based group, "The Neighborhood." "Song of the Animals" adds to a long list of engineering and musical credits.

Jan Jablecki

Jan is an actress/singer by night, and a Charter School advocate by day. She was born in Rhode Island and lives with her family in Northern California. Jan sings "Please, Don't Bring an Elephant Home" on the "Song of the Animals" project.